Emma is tech old skool. This goes as far as to say she was working in IT and Telecoms before the Internet came along and blew us all away. Yes, she had a mobile phone like a brick, and yes, she drilled holes in walls to get modems to work and played with acres of cables. Early exposure to telecoms and internet has left it’s mark; she’s a sucker for a shiny gadget or a new app, an evangelist for startups and an expert at streamlining others online affairs (not that type of affair!) She says:

“After working with an early Telecoms PLC and launching the first pre-paid mobile service in the UK with Orange I left to dabble in the murky world of early internet startups and bubbles that popped again and again. Many startups and three children later I focused my energy on collecting the digital powers of London together for monthly events with speaker panels talking all things digital and supporting startups. During those exciting years I became engrossed by the wonderful world of social media which still seems as if it will never stop growing. Before long I was putting my skills to good use helping other businesses adapt to the online world, from one-off international events to promoting authors and being the online personality of well-known offline personalities and totally changing the business practices and aspirations of many a local business or growing startup.”

With an overview of your business Emma can recommend the right digital strategy for your business including better practices, better tools and a clear vision to help you improve your presence and performance online. Mentor, Speaker, Trainer, Writer, SSE Fellow..and as an extra bonus: fluent in French and Italian.

Current hobby: Managing a vineyard




Well-known Suffolk Blogger and Social Media whizz Suzanne Day is part of the team making Venture42 happen. In her own words:

Over the last 12 months the subjects I blog about have changed drastically. I have gone from discussing dating and body confidence to chronicling my surprise pregnancy and now life as a single…mother. Word to the wise – that is what you get if you blog about boys too much!

On a more serious note I have a lot of experience using Facebook and Twitter to promote all kinds of businesses and charities. Thanks to a journalism degree I can also write targeted press releases and blog posts that stand out in a crowd. I’m often to be found on Twitter boasting about engaging with politicians who have tweeted about my blogs.

If you have any questions feel free to tweet me – @suffolksuzi and I would love it if you had a read of my personal blogs: &

Current hobby: Knitting